Frequently, my students recommend music for me.

I’m often using cheesy music in class.

This for when students were setting targets for change in their work:

This for when we did a connect your writing, pull your essay together kind of lesson:

This when we started studying Othello:

This when it’s our ‘1 thing’ plenary: 1 thing learnt, 1 thing to improve:

This for when we were thinking about the features of a monster (as Othello becomes one):

I think you get the idea. To be honest- the chessier the better really!

So, the students soon learnt that I Iike music, or perhaps more likely, they think these cheesy choices reflect my actual tastes and therefore felt immediate intervention was required.

Anyway, I’m going to start sharing their recommendations with you as a regular post. I’ve discovered new music through them and maybe you will too:


Tame Impala