I have recently been very taken by the visual display of key messages created by the likes of @sylviaduckworth

plnand @BryanMMathers, of the Think Out Loud Club.


And then I came across this post, on one of my favourite blogs at the moment from Matt Miller (@DitchThatTxtbk). I love being creative and I think in my head there’s a very creative person but I often struggle to replicate what’s in my head with my hands and make it look even half as artistic as it did in my head!

Enter the Paper 53 app. I downloaded this when I first got my iPad due to a recommendation from a colleague (@emberlinP) but I didn’t really get it and couldn’t see a use for it. I have become increasingly aware that apps, like many other things in life, arrive in the right place at the right time or they…DON’T. It was only when I read Matt Miller’s blog above that I was convinced to download and give it a go.

The perfect chance for me to experiment with a new app had arrived. It was half term and I was reading through ‘All My Sons’ in preparation for teaching it over the next half term.

Here is what I managed to create as I read each act:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

So, when placed next to the likes of Bryan Mathers then it’s a comparison that leaves my meagre offerings a little worse for wear but I enjoyed making them, it was quick and I’m proud of them!

My plan is to ask for the Paper 53 app to be downloaded onto a set of mini iPads at College so that my learners can use the app in class for reflections on the play, its language, the characters and the themes. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they will create!