So far this year, I’ve been wrestling with how to organise my online learning environment for students. In September, I had a class confirmed the day before I taught them. I was excited to be back in the classroom but it cut down my advance preparation time somewhat (and with a new specification, I’ve felt on the back foot the whole time).

We now have a Facebook page (by student request) for me to share announcements, links and for them to respond. It’s a quick and easy way for them to respond to messages and learning content.

I also created a Google site for sharing resources, links and for them to access online learning activities. This worked for a while but I soon realised the structure wasn’t working and students weren’t easily able to access and interact with content.

Enter NEW Google sites. As soon as Kieran Briggs showed me one he’d been working on, I was excited to get started.

Screenshot 2017-03-05 at 14.59.46.png

The site can be viewed here:


Guides to each of the exam papers

The front page, as you can see, contains guides to each of the papers. I’ve worked on various versions of this and have sought advice and examples from Twitter colleagues too. I’m pleased with these versions and as they’re created on Piktochart, I can keep them updated as I learn more about that they’ll be required to do and as I mark more of my students’ work and see where they need to improve.

Paper 1 PDF

Paper 2 PDF


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

I’ve begun working on the spelling, punctuation and grammar page so that when I’ve marked their work or seen it in class, I’m able to direct them to further learning activities to support their progress (ie. complete Apostrophes Activity 2). Many of these are TED-Ed lessons and other existing content online but I’m also gradually developing my own EdPuzzle lessons and Google Form activities, like this Affect vs Effect one:


I’m hoping to add at least 1 new activity each week but at least I have some places to refer them to now.


Teaching Resources

I’ve also begun the journey of designing other resources. There is now:

A reflection sheet for when they’ve received some feedback



A reflective journal with space for target setting (for use between March and June)


A skills self-assessment for students to complete about each paper

Screenshot 2017-03-05 at 15.png

Next on my hitlist is to work on the example responses so that students have something to work towards and check their work against (videos, images and documents).

If anyone would like to contribute any resources for the site then it could become a site for any student studying on WJEC Eduqas English Language. Anyway, I’d love to collaborate so do get in touch (comment below or @hannahtyreman on Twitter).