A new year: dive in!

Last week, learners began a short two week introduction into their A2 English course.

They were required to watch a couple of videos and answer some questions on our Google+ community. The few lessons I’ve had with them during this time have been relaxed and we’ve been able to discover the joy of learning again without the pressure of their exams looming over us. I wanted to capture this by asking them to reflect on the year ahead. Their responses have been, as ever, honest, insightful and informative. I love asking my learners to reflect, especially about their feelings towards things as this is so useful in me planning the learning experiences ahead.

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My First Year in Teaching- 2009

This reflection has been dug-out of a dusty folder and was written in my first year of teaching and PGCE, 2009. At a time when the complexities of teaching seem too big to overcome, I hope I’ll find some solace in the optimism and naivety of ‘my first reflection.’

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